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3 Things You’re Guaranteed To Learn From The Lost Ways

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The Lost Ways is the ultimate survival guide, written by Claude Davis, a survival expert with over 30 years of experience. We are all asking the same question: could we survive another economic depression? If we could, how so? This survival guide is jam packed with secrets that were discovered by our ancestors that the author is now passing on. Here are three things this book is guaranteed to teach you:

1. How you can hunt when there’s no more ammo left. This survival guide teaches you how to hunt wild animals by preparing your own traps and very own ammo. Instead of starving like the rest of the world, your family will be well fed.

2. Do you know how to prepare a poultice if no more stores were open? The lost art of poultice preparation is one we should still aim to explore. An expert shares her expertise in the field as to how you can prepare a life-saving poultice with natural ingredients.

3. You will learn how to preserve water like they did on old sailing ships for months on end. This method is cost-free and very much effective!

The Lost Ways is the answer to our survival. If ever society collapses or even just for fun, learning these survival skills is useful.

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